A love story, a heartfelt tribute to Japanese beauty

I lost my heart to Japan and Japanese beauty, and fell madly in love with the most beautiful of Japanese women.
To pay tribute to her sensitive beauty, I created the most essential skin care line: EviDenS de Beauté.
As I observed her routine and discovered her secrets, I learned from her rituals, still eager to learn more about women’s beauty desires.
The philosophy behind this creation is close to the one of Haute Couture: technical and artistic perfection. Coming from the Maison Scherrer, I am deeply engaged in this eternal search for beauty and perfection.
Inspired by my wife’s beauty, I searched for the best of Japanese expertise.
Through my French roots, I offered stylishness and seduction.
I think EviDenS products represent the ideal fusion of Asia and West, A willingly minimalist concept, opposed to ephemeral trends.
I wanted to focus on the essence: precious secret ingredients, voluptuous textures, sensual fragrances, beautiful packaging, the pleasure to hold and the «evidence» of obvious efficiency.



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