Visible and Proven Efficiency

Effective results as soon as 15 days after the first treatment.

Complexion lightens up, features are rested, lines are erased.

Deeply, fibers are more densified, cells are energized and oxygenation is more efficient. 
Skin is smooth, less wrinkly, more supple, younger and visibly bears less dark spots and scars. Visible and Proven Efficiency

To guarantee the absolute thoroughness of our methods and the very highest standards in terms of results, in-depth instrumental scientific measurements have been conducted on the products by an independent Clinical Expertise Laboratory (General FCG Institute in Tokyo). They were backed up by a strict examination method (detailed satisfaction surveys and skin examinations by dermatologists).
They confirm the real efficiency of the EviDenS de Beauté range after two weeks of use.

Like millions of Japanese women, you too, can trust us…